Brian + Brandy Miller – Norris Estate – Nappanee, IN

Brian + Brandy Miller

Fall Wedding

Norris Estate

Nappanee, IN


Exciting! Tearful… Precious.

There couldn’t have been a more beautifully perfect day for Brandy and Brian to commit their lives to one another as husband and wife. The sky was a brilliant blue with an occasional smattering of bright, fluffy white clouds.  The grapes were ripening on the vines in that beautiful fall sunshine, the water was glistening in the pond, the willow branches gently swayed in the breeze, as the moment they had been dreaming of finally arrived.

And so did Brian and the guys! Arrive, that is. And memorably so…

If you didn’t know it, Brian is one of our nation’s heroes. He might not like me to say that. But Brian is a warrior. He is one of those special people that lay down their lives for others. One who pays a price (and not one price, but many) that most of us will never truly appreciate or fully understand. Brian served in our Armed Forces; US Army Airborne. And if you can’t tell, I am truly honored to have been chosen to photograph his and Brandy’s wedding. God Bless you, Brian. Truly.

And that is why the guys arrived to the wedding in a helicopter.

Pretty special. And way cool. And incredibly exciting!!

While Brian and the guys were making their approach, Brandy and the girls were getting ready in the beautiful Bridal Suite at the Norris Estate near Nappanee, Indiana. The sparkle in Brandy’s eyes glistened brighter when she heard the helicopter was about to touch down. Quickly she made final preparations to meet with her dad for a few moments before the ceremony got underway.

{Can I just say, I love this. It never gets old. The emotion between father and daughter, sometimes with humor and laughs, but always with the unspoken understanding between these two of the love they share, and the new story of love that lies ahead. It was no different that beautiful fall day under the brilliant sky.}

As Brandy edged up behind her dad, you could see her heart was pounding by the expression on her face and the look in her eyes. Actually, you could almost feel it. Dad must have known. He must have been trying to spare her mascara. Because when she tapped his shoulder for him to turn around, he stood stock still. And with a determined twinkle in his eyes, he totally ignored her. And suddenly they burst into shared laughter! Well, Brandy burst into laughter, and Dad… well he worked really hard not to! Moments later, the wave of emotions shifted again as Dad saw Brandy…. through the years he saw her… including and up until that day, that hour, that moment. And you could see his love. And his pride. It was tearful. It was precious…

And yet the precious was only beginning as throughout the ceremony Brandy and Brian exchanged their vows of love and commitment to one another. From their first glimpse of one another as Brandy came down the aisle, to the exchange of their vows and their rings, to their first kiss as husband and wife…it was exciting, it was tearful, and it was precious.

Brandy… Brian… Thank you both so much for allowing me to be a part of your special day! I am truly honored and so happy to have been able to share this precious time with you. I wish you every happiness together and look forward to seeing you next September for those One Year Anniversary pictures. All the best to you and yours!





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