Professional Branding Headshots – Karen Lehman – Middlebury, IN

Last Friday morning I had the delightful opportunity to photograph Karen Lehman of Middlebury, IN. Karen is a professional health coach and we got together for a Business Branding Photography Session at her home office.

Karen’s gentle approach to coaching is not just appealing in theory, I have successfully experienced it in practice. She gently guides her clients toward the moment of truth where knowledge and personal accountability intersect…and that is the true turning point for success.

When we discussed her business photo session we both agreed that it should reflect her personality and her style. Both are genuinely kind and gentle. Totally approachable And as a former client, I can vouch for her that she truly does care…and it shows in both her quiet reflection, and her beautiful smile!

I know good things are in store for you Karen.  All the best as you chase your dreams!

~ Tina


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