Nappanee, Indiana Engagement Photography Derek & Heather

What a classic, wintry day in December it was when I met Derek and Heather in Nappanee, Indiana, for their Engagement Photography Session. True to most Northern Indiana winter photography sessions, the temps were low, the breeze was blowing, and the snow was freely falling.

It was beautiful.

The fresh blanket of white crunched beneath our feet as we broke the path back to the spot where Derek had popped the question. Or at least the ring. I think she knew the question. And he knew the answer. But that special day everything changed. They said it out loud and then began to tell the world! Our journey that chilly December morning was about reliving a moment they would remember for the rest of their lives.

As the snow picked up it’s pace, I started snapping pictures. Click. Click. (Rats. Snow on the lens again?) Click! And though it was cold outside, their smiles were warm, and the laughter genuine, as we continued to capture the moment. We all shared some shivers and hot coffee, and got just a couple more shots before the good-bye hugs and best wishes. Then we returned to the warmth of our waiting vehicles.

This was a session I will never forget.

It was the first time I’d done an engagement session in the snow. It was the first time one of my own children has been engaged.

No longer a child, my son, but now a man. A man finding his own way in the world. Charting his own course. Creating his own destiny. And as we gathered there together that snowy morning in December, I was the best photographer I knew how to be.

And… I was a mom.

I was a mom remembering all the precious little things you did when you were really little, like the notes asking for a date with your “best girl.” (Sorry Heather, but that was long before you!) Thinking of all the books you read, and the baseball games you played, and when you got your driver’s license. I was a mom remembering all the ornery things you did to your sisters, and all the times I had to correct you when I really didn’t want to, but knew it had to be done. I was a mom. Remembering the happy times. The sad times. The plain old every day times.

And now you are grown.

And my greatest hope is that you and Heather will both fully discover each of your God-given purposes and fulfill them with all your hearts. I wish you only the best as you start this new chapter in life together. Know that. And know that I love you.

                                                          Mom (aka~Tina)




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